zinc and steel – your natural choice

the right choice  for minimal
environmental impact

Sustainability is key to hot dip galvanised steel. Sustainability is correlated with renewability and recyclability and hot dip galvanised products are both.

Hot dip galvanising allows products to last for generations as they are highly durable. Even after their useful life they can be reused over and again making them highly sustainable.

Renewability and recyclability are complementary – not conflicting – to the galvanising process as they have minimal economic or environmental impact. They have also proven to be highly serviceable and predictable in the New Zealand environment.

decades of durability

Hot dip galvanising not only provides decades of maintenance free durability but its primary materials – zinc and steel – are natural and abundant as well as being 100% recyclable.

Finally, hot dip galvanised steel can withstand extreme atmospheric elements which are otherwise highly corrosive such as UV rays, ice and snow, submersion in water, soil immersion or other environments – making it a sustainable choice.

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