Why Hot Dip galvanising works

assessing the benefits of this truly unique process

what is hot dip galvanising?

Hot Dip Galvanising is a unique process.

It is the best solution for corrosion protection, offering measurable significant benefits compared to paint or any other coating system. When it comes to handling, durability, longevity, price competitiveness, and protection, there’s really nothing that compares.

What is Hot Dip Galvanising?
Hot Dip galvanising is the superior option for galvanising steel. Hot dipping allows long steel life, depending on the coating thickness. It’s a highly effective and cost-efficient method to protect fabricated steel, structural steel, castings, or small parts, from corrosion.

When sending steel through the Hot Dip Galvanising process, it undergoes rigorous preparation work and chemical treatment to remove impurities before finally dipping into a kettle of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450°C. When exposed to the atmosphere, pure zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide, which further reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate, a material that stops further corrosion in many circumstances. The result is a reinforced metallurgically alloy bond that protects the steel from corrosion.

Hot dip galvanising with its durability, well-conditioned appearance and low maintenance schedule makes it the natural choice for countless steel products.

10 Reasons WHY you should Galvanise

1. Proven Measurable Application

With a history stretching back 180 years, there are numerous examples of galvanised steel in use which prove its performance. Galvanised steel is all around us, and many industries and applications benefit from its superior longevity and protection.

Read more about its history here.

2. No or Low Maintenance

Hot dip galvanising has many years proven performance. Long life up to seventy years is commonplace in most atmospheres. See our durability calculator here.

 When galvanised items have been compromised, are aging or have had other work done that has impacted its integrity – there is merit in protecting the zinc or in performing a stripping and re-galvanising process.  When this type of work is required, it is simple. Complex preparation treatments are not necessary.
Read about re-galvanising here.

3. Cost-Efficient

The cost of hot dip galvanising is almost always lower than that of applying alternative coatings. Alternatives, such as painting, are highly labour-intensive compared to galvanising. Hot dip galvanising is a predictable, mechanised, closely controlled process that is very economical.

4. Reliable and Constant

The process is simple, straightforward and constant. The coating thicknesses are regular, predictable and easily specified. Galvanised coatings should be continuous, adherent and smooth. They should also be free from defects and easy to inspect visually. Finally, galvanising also easily withstands normal handling during transport and construction making it a natural choice compared to the available alternatives.

5. Low Lifetime Cost

Low upfront cost and impressive object longevity make hot dip galvanising a versatile and economic way of protecting steel for long periods (25 + years). Due to the unique alloy growth that occurs when clean steel is immersed into molten zinc – the coating effectively becomes part of the steel – if it looks good on day one it will look as good for many years to come.

6. Sustainable and Natural

The long-term durability provided by galvanising is achieved at relatively low environmental burden. Hot dip galvanising not only provides decades of maintenance free durability but its primary materials – zinc and steel – are natural and abundant as well as 100% recyclable. Finally, it can also withstand extreme atmospheric elements which are otherwise highly corrosive such as UV rays, ice and snow, submersion in water, soil immersion or other environments – making it a complementary and sustainable choice.

7. Speedy Application

A fully galvanised protective coating can be applied in a few hours. The entire process enables significant cost-savings as compared to alternatives such as painting. Hot dip galvanising is an honest coating option – if it looks continuous and sound, it is. Coating thickness can also be checked easily with the use of a magnetic probe.

8. Coating Toughness

The coating bonds metallurgically with the steel giving a much greater resistance to damage than other coatings. No other coating process has this feature. The unique nature of the galvanising process provides tough and abrasion resistant coating.

9. Accelerated Construction

Galvanised steel is ready for use and no further site surface preparation, painting, touch-up or inspection is necessary – making it an efficient, productive choice for your steel.

10. Complete Coverage

Because it is dipped in molten zinc, all parts of the surfaces are coated evenly – inside and out. It is far harder to achieve this outcome with the available alternatives. 

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