How we help you

It’s about partnership. We are your galvanising partner.


We consider ourselves your galvanising partner. Our factory is a part of your factory.

If it were practicle for your factory to have it’s own galvanising plant then you would probably have your own.

That’s where GHB come in.

We know that we are only one part in the production line of your products. Ours is likely to be a critical service to the success and longevity of your products and for this reason we take our role very seriously.

As part of your production line we want to make sure we make the step of galvanising easy. That’s why we pick up and deliver free of charge. But more than that our systems and processes within our factory ensure you recieve a high quality galvanised product when it returns to your factory.

Our service is so much more than just galvanising.

Our aim is to return your products to you ready for them to move into the next phase of your production. That is why we focus on the finish of your galvanised products. Our team will fettle and finish your steel just the way you want it, free from drips and imperfections, so you can get on with your manufacturing cycle.

As we’ve said, for us it is about partnership. We are your galvanising partner and we are here to help.

Please note that we can work to accommodate your transportation needs if your location does not fall under these free pickup and delivery runs.

For Better Quality and Service from Galvanising Hawkes Bay