Fettling and Finishing

freedom from defects


Every finished galvanised product should be free from defects.

At Galvanising HB, we believe that the finished result should be as continuous, adherent and evenly distributed as possible. 

We manually inspect all work at the finished stage and carefully remove uneven hardened galvanised drips to ensure a smooth and quality finish to the product surface, using a process called fettling.  

Fettling improves the surface finish by removing zinc spikes and surface roughness that can be common to the galvanising process.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail at this stage as we know that a successful finish is critical to our customers and that the finish must be appropriate to the application.

The integrity of the coating can be determined by a visual inspection and Galvanising HB deliver this service every time for every object to ensure customers needs and expectations are met.

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