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the team at galvanising hawkes bay are here to help

delivering your service expectations

We are a passionate and dedicated crew who have over 20+ years’ experience collectively.

Stuart, owner and co-founder, has been involved with the galvanising industry for over 35 years. 

Training is important to our whole team and they have worked hard to up-skill to ensure they have the skillset needed to deliver against service expectations. In addition, there is a continuous improvement program in place which provides the opportunity to learn more about the business and the galvanising industry as they advance in their careers as galvanisers.

Galvanising is a unique skillset and Stuart has created a training program for his team setting them apart from much of their competition. Its important to him that every member of his team understands and has an in-depth knowledge of the galvanising process.

Consider us as an extension of your company and your project, as we’d like the experience to be seamless and to feel as if we were part of the team.  

For Better Quality and Service from Galvanising Hawkes Bay